Bacon and sweet potato hash


This is another recipe we’ve cooked so many times that it no longer resembles the original. The jumping off point is the Bacon and Sweet Potato Hash from Serious Eats. Early on we dropped the avocado cream and just serve it with sliced avocado (which I just NOW realized I forgot to slice and serve. Fail.) We also use less bacon and skip all the bacon fat drizzling because it can get a little greasy. Tonight we also skipped the fried egg, though the kids had scrambled eggs with theirs.

On the side — which I almost forgot to make, as usual — was Mark Bittman’s Spicy No-Mayo Coleslaw. This is the coleslaw we bring to family parties. Tonight’s version was made with nappa cabbage, no jalepeno and nothing past the red pepper in the ingredients list because, well, it was dinner time and whatever. It was still really good.


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