Arroz con pollo and radish salsa


This is our go-to chicken and rice recipe, Arroz rojo con pollo y frijoles negros based on a recipe from Rick Bayless’s Mexican Everyday, a book we did borrow from the library once but for some reason didn’t purchase. But we use this recipe all the time, with store-bought chipotle salsa.

Jim’s inspiration this week was to try this radish salsa recipe from the depths of Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. He actually did most of the recipe because I was up to my elbows in raw chicken when he got home. We like dark meat chicken in this recipe and this week we used a whole chicken from McCann’s Local Meats  that turned out to be sourced from Seven Bridges Farm in Lima, NY. I thawed it and cut it all up as I was making dinner.

(The best chickens are from Bubbaloo Farm, also in Lima, — where our kids get to pick up the birds and hang out with them in their happy free-range habitat before the chicken ends up in the freezer. I can’t wait for the next batch).

This also was a really good, chicken-y chicken. I cooked the drumsticks and thighs in the arroz con pollo, put two chicken breast halves in the freezer and made stock from the rest. Which reminds me, I should go skim the fat and freeze that stock!

A lot of work, but worth it.

Anyway, Molly declared this the best dinner ever … that she didn’t choose herself. We’ll take it. The radish salsa was crunchy and tart. The kids didn’t touch it but we thought it was really good.


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