Pav Bhaji (meatless Indian sloppy Joe)


We sampled another excellent recipe from Meera Sodha’s Made In India cookbook at the dinner table tonight.

This recipe is “Disha’s Pav Bhaji.” It’s meant to be served on soft white bread rolls, toasted and spread with butter. I bought some buns for this, but at around 3 p.m. I decided I really wanted naan instead, so Kate and I quickly mixed up “Aunty Harsha’s Naan” from the same cookbook. (And Jim rolled out and cooked the naan when he got home — a true family effort).

The Pav Bhaji is really good — not spicy, but flavorful. This will be an excellent way to use eggplant this summer. The eggplant completely disappears into the dish.

The naan was good, too. It’s similar to our go-to naan recipe from the 2009 Spring Entertaining Cooks Illustrated magazine. Both recipes call for whole milk yogurt. Sodha’s also has milk and more flour, while Cook’s Illustrated has a bit of whole wheat flour mixed in. Sodha’s dough seemed a little stiff, but the final texture was fine. I’m not sure which one we’ll make next time, which says a lot for the new recipe.


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