Best falafel yet

Jim has tried a variety of falafel recipes. This recipe for Easy, Herb-Packed Falafel by the Food Lab at Serious Eats came out the best by far. It’s completely different — and better — than the others. It uses soaked but not cooked chickpeas, no egg and yet it didn’t disintegrate in the oil (which is what usually happens to us with recipes that lack egg). It got so crispy on the outside that it tasted like a fast food french fry or hash browns, but with so much yummy flavor inside. Perfect.

He did the variation with harissa paste from the Falafel with Black Olives and Harissa version of the recipe. For herbs, he used half cilantro and half parsley. Mint and black olives would be yummy here, too, if we had them.

This certainly wasn’t a quick process.


We worked together to roll the crumbly batter into balls — not easy.


He altered the recipe to fry them submerged in deep oil in a small pot, rather than one side at a time in a frying pan


Jim cooks the falafel in batches.


Before cooking and after.


Hot out of the fry oil.


Lunch is served.


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