Banana bread

We had six brown bananas left over from last week, so for snack this week I made a double batch of banana bread.

This is from the Cooks Illustrated New Best Recipe cookbook. It’s similar to this recipe from the Cooks Illustrated web site, but the amounts of the ingredients are different.

I swapped in whole wheat for half the flour in this batch and it’s pretty light on walnuts because we had only a few in the cupboard, but it’s still yummy.



While the oven was on 350, I put in some beets for salads and snacks this week. I put them in a casserole with a lid and about an inch of water at the bottom. They were done in about an hour and 15 minutes. (I used to always bake beets in foil, but that uses so much foil. This method comes out exactly the same, as far as I can tell).



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